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How to Feed FirstMate & Kasiks Canned Diets
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Healthy and Harmful Holiday Items

Winter has arrived, and with it, a whole load of holiday parties, presents, and decorations. While most humans know better than to nibble at the...Read more

How FirstMate is Helping to Support Animal Wellness Organizations

Our growing family of pet owners proudly work with a variety of animal wellness organizations to help provide quality nutrition for animals in need.  We...Read more

Feeding Orphaned Bear Cubs with FirstMate Pet Food!

The FirstMate team recently donated several bags of our pet food to a trio of orphan bear cubs that arrived at the Greater Vancouver Zoo...Read more

How to Feed FirstMate & Kasiks Canned Diets

FirstMate & Kasiks dog and cat canned diets have a unique texture.  They are softer and juicier than a traditional pate.  They are described by...Read more

Why My Pets Food May Appear Different Between Batches

Our pets are family and choosing their foods can be a very daunting task. Once we finally select a suitable brand that is working well,...Read more

Noah & Chilkoot – Avalanche Rescue

Noah and his “FirstMate”, Chilkoot, have an incredible bond and share a passion for Canada’s mountains, helping others and extreme sports. For the past 4...Read more

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