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FirstMate’s Limited Ingredient Diets use 1 meat protein and 1 carbohydrate to provide complete and balanced nutrition. This simple approach helps to improve digestion while...Read more

Natural Variation: Why can a new batch of FirstMate look different than the previous batch?

Why can a new batch of FirstMate look different than the previous batch? Our company uses natural ingredients without the addition of artificial colour additives or binders....Read more

Chicken Fat, Not Chicken Protein – Understanding The Difference:

Our chicken fat is produced using a centrifuge to separate the chicken fat from the chicken protein. When an animal has a food allergy, the...Read more

Feed Less, Poop Less, Spend Less… With a Quality Diet

Did you know that our FirstMate, KASIKS, and SKOKI diets are often more nutrient and physically dense than other pet food varieties?   Our diets...Read more

Our Fish: Where & How We Source It

Over 30 years ago, before starting FirstMate Pet Foods, Michael fished commercially off the shores of British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska. The digestibility and health...Read more

Things You Didn’t Know About Our Cannery!

Our company believes that to produce a truly superior product, you need to have control over the ingredient sourcing and the manufacturing process.  That is...Read more

Shape Matters! Why the shape of your cat’s kibble is important

Cats can be picky about their food, and therefore palatability (acceptance/taste) is an important factor to consider when designing cat food. High palatability ensures cats...Read more

A potato inclusive diet: high glycemic or not?

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Making sure your pet is receiving superior quality in every bite.

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What is a FirstMate LID Diet?

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Go to Your Bed & Mat Training Part 2

If you haven’t already done so, please read and watch the video ​Go To Your Bed & Mat Training Part 1​. Mat training is all...Read more

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Go to Your Bed & Mat Training Part 1

Mat training is all about sending a dog to a designated spot and having him stay there until released. I have had clients request this...Read more

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What is the purpose of a Guaranteed Analysis, and what does it tell you?

What is the history of the Guaranteed Analysis? In the late 1800s production of animal feeds evolved as entrepreneurs began thinking of ways to use...Read more

The Quality of FirstMate Pet Food Reflects the Care We Take to Source Out the Best Ingredients

Not all pet foods are created equal. Even though formulas and ingredient lists may be identical, there is wide variation in the quality of the ingredients...Read more

4 Tips for Self-Isolating

Looking for something to do while self-isolating? We’ve got you covered! We know that self-isolating can be hard, but at least we can still spend...Read more

Do These 6 Things if Your Dog is Acting Obstinate or Disobedient

If there is any chance, whatsoever, that your dog is fearful of something then eliminate that possibility first. Might his fear be of your impatient...Read more

River’s Favourite Recipe: Dessert Edition

Hello everyone, River here again! I’m back with another one of my favourite recipes. I love to mix things up and invent new ways to...Read more

How to Get Ready for Spring

It’s Shedding Season With the warmer weather on its way, our furry friends aren’t going to be needing their thick winter coats for much longer....Read more

River’s Favourite Recipe

Hello everyone, this is River your duck tolling, play seeking, chef extraordinaire …. Coming to you from my home-based test kitchen where some tasty magic...Read more

FirstMate New Year’s Resolutions

Ready for a fresh start? While looking for personal resolutions, why not look for some healthy new habits for you and your FirstMate. It’s a...Read more

Pulling on Leash

Written by: Janine Allen Why does a dog insist upon continually pulling on his leash and what can be done to stop it? First, recognize...Read more

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The benefits of using high quality meat meals in our kibble formulas

Why does FirstMate use meat meals as the main ingredient in their dry kibble formulas? Meat meals provide a highly concentrated source of animal protein...Read more

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Relationship Between Longevity and Obesity in Dogs and Cats

Obesity is a major health issue of dogs and cats, and the prevalence of obesity is rising rapidly. Obese animals have a large amount of...Read more

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Drop that, you thief!

Written by: Janine Allen Dogs are not innately thieves. They put things in their mouths because that’s just what dogs do. It is when they...Read more

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DCM – Message From the President – July 2019

July 2019 To Our Valued Customers, FirstMate Pet Foods has been in business for 30 years.  We have been producing quality pet foods since the...Read more

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Make Homemade Dog Treats Using FirstMate Food

As any pet owner will tell you, dogs are naturally curious animals, willing to sniff at (or try to taste) just about anything. It’s also...Read more

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Nose Touch: Why Is It The Rage With Dog Trainers?

Written by: Janine Allen  The nose touch is the go to behavior for many dog trainers and performance competitors. The trainer offers the dog the...Read more

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Meet the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association

Written By: Lauren Farricker When you hear the word avalanche, it may fill you with fear. But did you know your chances of survival are...Read more

TAGS: Adventure

Impulse Control: Why You Need to Practice This With Your Dog

Written by Janine Allen This video shows me working on impulse control and decision making with a puppy. As a foundation skill, it helps teach...Read more

TAGS: Training

30 Years in Pet Food, Adaptation is Key

One realizes the importance of taking a long range view of things if one wants to achieve any chance of crystallizing goals. Whether it is...Read more

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Six Tips on Training a Reliable Recall – How to Get your Dog to Come to you When Called

You and your FirstMate have a great rapport–you spend time outdoors and love to chill out at the end of the day—but do you have...Read more

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How 3 FirstMates Got Their Names

Have you ever wondered how to come up with a great dog name? Something that’s memorable, fits the dog’s personality, and shows off the most...Read more

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7 Tips for Your PowderHound

Winter is upon us. Time to gear up and get out. It’s true that not every dog will be as enthusiastic about leaving the warm...Read more

TAGS: Adventure Stories & Tips

New Year New Dog

For most, the new year ushers in a moment for reflection and growth. As you order a salad for lunch and pick up a new...Read more

TAGS: Nutrition Stories & Tips

Prebiotics vs Probiotics

What’s the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? They are supposed to be good for your stomach, right? Yogurt…? Today we will delve into what they...Read more

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Dispelling Black Cat Myths

Halloween brings with it scary stories about mythical creatures – ghosts, goblins, and vampires.  There is one pet that tends to get lumped in with...Read more

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6 Tips for Dog Safety on Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! You’ve picked out your costume, filled a bowl with candy for trick or treaters, and carved the perfect pumpkin....Read more

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Best U.S. Cities to Visit with Your Dog (or Cat!)

Ready for a weekend getaway, but don’t want to leave your furry friend at home? Whether you’re escaping from a tough week at work or...Read more

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FirstMate Pet Foods Nutritionally Complete Diets – Understanding Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs

Recent reports from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have suggested a link between grain-free diets and incidents of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).  More specifically, the...Read more

TAGS: Nutrition

New Look, Same Formula and Quality

You may have noticed that some of your FirstMate Canned Pet Food has a new look. Why the change? We have not changed the formulation,...Read more

TAGS: Nutrition

What Does Your Pet Say About You?

There’s a long-standing myth that pets look like their owner’s, and it’s not without evidence. Have you ever noticed a resemblance between your friend and...Read more

TAGS: Stories & Tips

Meet Swindle!

Mary is the proud master of Swindle, a dynamic Belgian Malinois who does competitions for a living –  or better yet – for fun! In...Read more

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Dog Days of Summer: Adventure Checklist

With summer upon us, it’s important to make the most of long days and clear skies. If your dog gets excited just to go for...Read more

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5 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

Bringing your dog to work with you can be frustrating, but if you’re lucky enough to be employed in a dog-friendly capacity, having your best...Read more

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4 Tips for a Stress-Free Walk with Your Dog

Walking your dog is a fantastic way to ensure they get their necessary daily exercise, while also offering a chance for the two of you...Read more

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How to Make FirstMate Chicken Biscuits

Cooking with some company is always fun, especially when that company is your pet! Our dogs love us unconditionally, so it’s important to surprise them...Read more

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Contest Highlights: What Makes Your Pet So Special?

We asked, and you delivered! With tons of amazing submissions, we’re so happy to get to learn all about what makes your furry pals so...Read more

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Why Can’t We Be Friends? Tips for Cats & Dogs Living Together

It’s an age-old conflict, and one that’s been seen across the globe in movies, cartoons, and real-life; cats and dogs don’t always get along! This...Read more

TAGS: Stories & Tips

Interested in Adopting a Pet from an Animal Shelter?

Adopting a shelter pet is a choice that enriches both the life of an animal in need and your family’s. The excitement that comes with...Read more

TAGS: Stories & Tips

Apache’s Journey

Every so often we are sent stories of incredible dogs who rely on a diet of FirstMate or KASIKS to help improve their overall quality...Read more

TAGS: Nutrition Stories & Tips

Tips for Raising a Happy, Healthy Puppy

Raising a puppy is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. From the excitement that comes with introducing a new friend to the family,...Read more

TAGS: Stories & Tips Training

What is a “Grain Friendly” Diet?

Recently, the FirstMate team introduced a new pet food category; our Grain Friendly line. As many of our customers know, while FirstMate diets are not...Read more

TAGS: Nutrition

The Fairmont Vancouver & Chateau Whistler Pet Experience

If you and your dog are travelling to The Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver or Whistler, the Fairmont team has some special comforts for your companion....Read more

TAGS: Adventure

Road Trip Tips for the New Year!

With a new year comes a host of new opportunities and adventures for you and your pet; and a popular choice for many is going...Read more

TAGS: Adventure Stories & Tips

How to Make a Stuffed, Frozen Treat

The FirstMate team would like to thank Kaitlyn and Molly for sending this fantastic recipe to us! You can follow Molly’s adventures through their Instagram...Read more

TAGS: Nutrition

Healthy and Harmful Holiday Items

Winter has arrived, and with it, a whole load of holiday parties, presents, and decorations. While most humans know better than to nibble at the...Read more

TAGS: Nutrition Stories & Tips

Feeding Orphaned Bear Cubs with FirstMate Pet Food!

The FirstMate team recently donated several bags of our pet food to a trio of orphan bear cubs that arrived at the Greater Vancouver Zoo...Read more

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How to Feed FirstMate & Kasiks Canned Diets

FirstMate & Kasiks dog and cat canned diets have a unique texture.  They are softer and juicier than a traditional pate.  They are described by...Read more

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Why My Pets Food May Appear Different Between Batches

Our pets are family and choosing their foods can be a very daunting task. Once we finally select a suitable brand that is working well,...Read more

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Noah & Chilkoot – Avalanche Rescue

Noah and his “FirstMate”, Chilkoot, have an incredible bond and share a passion for Canada’s mountains, helping others and extreme sports. For the past 4...Read more

TAGS: Adventure Stories & Tips

Not Your Average Cans

Best Served Stirred! 🐾 What is the texture of our cans? Our formulas fall within the pate category although they are different than most other...Read more

A Success Story with Callie the Newfoundland

At FirstMate Pet Foods, we are passionate about providing the best quality nutrition to dogs like Callie, the 12-year-old Landseer Newfoundland who has been thriving...Read more

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