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River’s Favourite Recipe: Dessert Edition

April 24, 2020

Hello everyone, River here again! I’m back with another one of my favourite recipes. I love to mix things up and invent new ways to enjoy my FirstMate diet. The base of my meal planning includes using the yummy heart-shaped treats, canned food formulas that melt in your mouth, and the nutritiously packed oh-so-crunchy kibble.

In every delicious bite of my FirstMate formulas, I know I’m getting all of my daily requirements. It keeps me fuelled up, with a shiny coat, and my vet checkups always show that I’m healthy and a good weight!

This time, I thought I would share with you something off my dessert menu! Below is my recipe for some delicious paw-shaped treats!

FirstMate DIY Frozen Dog Treats

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