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How to Get Ready for Spring

March 11, 2020

It’s Shedding Season

two people brushing a dog

With the warmer weather on its way, our furry friends aren’t going to be needing their thick winter coats for much longer. Giving your FirstMate a bath, brush or taking them to the groomers is a great way to assure they stay cool in the heat. This will also help save your clothes and furniture from their excess shedding!

Time for a Checkup

vet holding a stethoscope

As we’re all getting ready to start our spring and summer activities, it’s important to make sure that our FirstMate is ready as well! A quick checkup at the vet is a great way to make sure they are fit, healthy and up to date on all their vaccines.  This is also a good time to look into flea and tick prevention methods to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy.

Try Something New

dog shaking its body with a ball in its mouth

Have you been meaning to go on that hike for a while now, but the weather has kept you indoors? Or maybe that new toy at your local pet food store caught your eye? Well now’s the time to start planning! With the warm weather on its way, soon you’ll have plenty of time to get out and exercise with your FirstMate. Trying something new is always exciting and having a friend to do it with makes it even better.

Check the Yard

dog sitting in a backyard

If you live in an area that had heavy snow or rain over the winter, it is a great idea to do a scan of the yard before letting your FirstMate run around unsupervised during the Spring. You’ll want to make sure there are no new holes your dog can’t escape from or hazards that could potentially harm them while playing.

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