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4 Tips for Self-Isolating

April 24, 2020

Looking for something to do while self-isolating? We’ve got you covered!

We know that self-isolating can be hard, but at least we can still spend time with our FirstMates. Now is the perfect time to try something new. Looking for some ideas? Well, we’ve got you covered!

1. Learn a new trick


Having a bit of extra time on our hands makes this the perfect time to learn a new trick! This is a great way to bond with your FirstMate and give you something to show off during FaceTime calls with friends and family. Our friends @thegoodmutt have a great selection of trick tutorials on their Instagram account.

2. Get creative with your treats


There are plenty of ways to get creative with our FirstMate’s treats that will keep you and them busy! It could be a stuffed Kong, frozen Lickimat mat or even a puppy pizza. Be sure to let us know on social media what your FirstMate’s favourite treat is!

3. Try pet photography or start an Instagram for your pet


Now that the sun is staying longer and the weather is getting warmer, it is a great time to dust off the camera and try pet photography! Going for a nice walk? Be sure to bring the camera! This is a great way to spend time with your FirstMate, learn a new skill and create some memories!

4. Go for a solo hike


Just because we have to self-isolate doesn’t mean we can’t go outside. Solo hikes are a great way to keep you and your FirstMate active. Plus, getting a little Vitamin D would be nice!

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