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Do These 6 Things if Your Dog is Acting Obstinate or Disobedient

April 24, 2020

  1. If there is any chance, whatsoever, that your dog is fearful of something then eliminate that possibility first. Might his fear be of your impatient or frustrated response?
  2. Go back and retrain him step by step as a review. We humans often mistake confusion for defiance.
  3. Make the task easier. Once he gets it then increase the difficulty.
  4. Remove distractions and then gradually add them back in. If you tend to say “He’s always done this before” then look around and notice the things that may be affecting him.
  5. Increase the value of the rewards and be generous. Use part of his regular daily food if you are concerned about weight gain.
  6. Require that he “asks permission” (like offering a sit or down) before he has access to anything like going outside/inside, release from crate, getting cuddles, eating food, greeting people, greeting dogs, going for walk, playing ball, etc.

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