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Contest Highlights: What Makes Your Pet So Special?

May 22, 2018

We asked, and you delivered! With tons of amazing submissions, we’re so happy to get to learn all about what makes your furry pals so special. From gentle giants to fetch playing kitties, we’ve gathered our favorites fun facts from last month’s contest in this blogpost.

Ken is the proud “father” of 4 great danes who seem to really like road trips. Can you guess how much they weigh all together? We surely can’t imagine better travel buddies than pets! If you’re planning your next adventure soon, make sure to check out our road trip tips!

We are a Great Dane family. They are all sweet, goofy, gentle babies. They snuggle with us on the sofas and sleep with us in our bed. We tried all kinds of kibble and we settled on FirstMate about 8 years ago. Between allergies and stomach problems only FirstMate worked for everyone. All of them are fed on it now and the oldest is 10. They range from 100 pounds to 165 pounds and all of them are in excellent health.”


Sienna shared some really fun facts about her two playful cats that she adopted when they were just tiny kittens! If you too are interested in giving a shelter pet a forever home, we’ve gathered some tips to make the transition for you and your new companion smoother!

“I adopted two feral kittens who’d been abandoned at two days old. As they’ve grown from babies to children to teenagers, both boys have developed some pretty funny traits. The runt, Bodhi, nibbles on my ear lobe when I’m sleeping, and Maverick sings the song of his people when he’s sleeping.”


We love sweet nicknames for pets, and Roly surely got a sweet one! Nadine shared how her dog inherited the lovely name of, “Roly Poly Oly” ever since he was born. Roly is a healthy 11 year-old dog who hasn’t lost its appetite! We’ve gathered in this blogpost helpful tips to raise a healthy puppy, check it out!

“Our Roly Poly is 11 years old. He was the fattest of the litter so the family of girls who had him for first 6 weeks named him Roly Poly Oly from a kids’ show they watched. So, we call him Roly. He is still a big moose weighing in at 130 pounds but is a gentle giant who loves to sleep upside down on his back with his legs sprawled out.”


Some pets opted for a professional sports career. Unconventional? Not so much! This is Jack and he loves playing football!

“This is Jacq, he is the light of our lives! He is 5 years old and is a great soccer player!”


Who said cats and dogs don’t get along? Cloud is the sweetest golden retriever and follows Allie’s son everywhere he goes. Cloud even stays at his bed side during the night and get on well with Yoshi the cat! Thinking of bringing both a dog and a cat into your home? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered a list of tips and solutions for helping your pets get along with one another, and that maybe one day they’ll become friends.

“Since the very first day we got her, our baby girl does not bark unless it’s to go outside. It’s like she knows my son has sensitive ears. She also doesn’t chase the cat. She’s so quiet and so sweet and smart and well behaved. I love her to bits. Her name is Cloud. Our cat who also eats FirstMate is amazing as well. She follows my autistic son around everywhere. And has since the day he was born. She is his shadow and sleeps with him every night. That is her child. He was raised by the cat lol. Her name is Yoshi.”


Just like us humans, some pets are still kids at heart. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! Actually, we think it’s great to keep your playful side! Learn more about Jennifer’s “gentle giant” below.

“Our girl Rugee is a gentle giant. She weighs 100# and she still thinks she’s a lap dog. She is such a smart girl and continues to impress me everyday. When she was just 10 weeks old we trained her to ring a bell to go outside and she is now a year and a half old and still does that to go outside. She can also catch a frisbee mid air!”


Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories! If you feel like sharing your pet’s fun facts with us, send us an email at or leave us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram channels.

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