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FirstMate New Year’s Resolutions

January 17, 2020

Ready for a fresh start? While looking for personal resolutions, why not look for some healthy new habits for you and your FirstMate. It’s a great way to bond with your pet and, aren’t goals easier to stick with when you have a friend to help?

Try considering these resolutions for your new 2020 routine.

1. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The more fresh air, the better! This year try organizing more outdoor activities for you and your four-legged friend. There are plenty of trails and hikes out there just waiting to be explored. Already going for a hike a week? Try going for two, or even three! This is a great way to keep you and your FirstMate happy and healthy. 

dog sitting on a mountain

2. Brainteaser

It’s never too late to teach an old (or young) dog new tricks! To help keep your FirstMate’s brain active, set a goal to teach them a few new tricks this year. Maybe you teach them one every month or two, whatever fits your schedule! This will be a great way to challenge yourself and your pet.  For a new trick idea, see the following link to one of our past blog posts: Nose Touch

dog lying on its back with its tongue sticking out

3. Pet Emergency Kit

You never know when an emergency is going to happen and being prepared is very important. Having a plan and an emergency kit for your FirstMate will make handing any situation much easier for you. This kit should include vet and vaccination records, medication if needed, first aid kit, extra collar and leash, blankets, toys, treats, disinfectant, food and water bowls, cat litter, and 72 hours worth of food.

emergency kit

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