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Best U.S. Cities to Visit with Your Dog (or Cat!)

September 26, 2018

Ready for a weekend getaway, but don’t want to leave your furry friend at home? Whether you’re escaping from a tough week at work or the stresses of daily life, bring your pet along on your next trip! Vacationing with your pet can be tricky to navigate, but we’ve rounded up the cities with the best dog parks, outdoor space, pet-friendly restaurants, and other activities you and best friend can enjoy together. Here are the best U.S cities to visit that will consider the needs of your pet while you take the weekend off.

  1. San Francisco, California

As one of the most populous US cities, San Francisco has more than fifty dog parks, so you will not run out of spots to take your pet. There are lots of parks near the San Francisco Bay itself, providing beautiful views as well as opportunities to splash in the water and roll around in the sand. If you feel like venturing out of the city a little, Big Basin Redwoods State Park and Mount Tamalpais are a short drive away. While dogs are not allowed on trails, there are many paved roads and pathways where both you and your dog can enjoy the nature surrounding you.

Take a break at one of the many dog-friendly restaurants around town, such as Palomino Restaurant and Bar, which has an outdoor patio where your pooch can sit with you. Stop by Le Marcel bakery for one of their Signature Peanut Butter bones for a sweet treat for your dog. If you’re feeling adventurous, cruise around the Bay with your pet through Blue and Gold Fleet.

  1. Portland, Oregon

Sellwood Riverfront dog park in Portland Oregon is right on the Willamette River, and has tons of off-leash space and river views. Your dog will love playing in the grass or along the water. Like San Francisco, Portland has many of state parks and beaches nearby. Most Oregon state parks allow leashed dogs on their trails, and both Silver Falls State Park and North Santiam State Recreation Area are an hour and a half outside Portland, or Tryon Creek State Natural Area is right within the city limits. If your pet – and you – need refuelling after all that hiking, head to the Tin Shed Garden Café. On Tuesday nights, every regular price adult meal comes with a dog meal for free. They also offer specialty peanut butter banana ice cream for dogs if your pooch is craving something tasty!

  1. Austin, Texas

dog wearing sunglasses

As a smaller city, Austin doesn’t have the amount of dog parks that San Francisco and Portland do, but makes up for that with its large range of dog-friendly restaurants. Banger’s Sausage House makes sausages for dogs and humans alike and proceeds from the sausages for dogs go to a local Austin pet charity, Austin Pets Alive. There is also a fenced area for dogs to play. The Yard Bar is another go-to restaurant for you and your pet. Your dog will love the Meatballs and Gravy, as well as the dog park out back! If your pooch has room for dessert, head just outside Austin to Tail Waggins Dog Bakery, which specializes in cookies for every occasion. You might want to get out and get some exercise after all that eating, so try Red Bud Isle, a small peninsula partly surrounded by water, with both running and swimming space.


  1. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a notable walking city, so even without the city’s dog parks, there is lots of room for your dog to get some exercise. Wander through the streets of the city or check out Pike Place market. Within walking distance of the market are the Washington State Convention Centre, Moore Theatre, and the famous Gum Wall. Explore the city with your pooch, who will love the walk. Just make sure to hit Magnuson Park with your furry friend before they get too tuckered out. This whopping 6-acre park is right next to Lake Washington, where you and your dog can hit the beach. You can also tour the city from the air if you and your pet are feeling brave. Dogs and cats are allowed on Kenmore Air flights, so your pet can enjoy the scenic view from the skies with you.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

Another big US city, Chicago also has a variety of dog parks and pet activities. A couple parks to check out include Winnemac Park and the comedically named Wiggly Field. It’s also a great city to get around on foot. Walk with your pooch to the Navy Pier, where Harry Caray’s Tavern will provide your dog with a souvenir water bowl and a dog treat, and you with some delicious food. Also, be sure to check out Tails in the City, a pet supply store where you can also buy baked goodies for your pooch. Get out on the water with your pet by taking a cruise with Mercury Cruiseline through the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. They offer a Canine Cruise which provides safe seating and water bowls for dogs.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts

dog on a swing

Boston is known as another great walking city and offers tons of history with every step. Although your pet may not have too much interest in history, they will not want to miss out on a chance to accompany you on a walk. Check out the Freedom Trail, a walk which stops at 16 historic spots, along which you can take a guided tour you and your pet will love. Also make sure to hit one of Boston’s off-leash dog parks with your pooch, or grab a meal at The Living Room, which has a dog-friendly patio and meals for your hungry friend. If your pet feels like being pampered, be sure to hit Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa, where both dogs and cats are welcome. Their amenities include a spa and grooming centre, an aquatic centre, and even massages!

  1. Denver, Colorado

If you find yourself in Denver, check out Cherry Creek State Park, a beautiful spot just outside the city. Dogs must be leashed in the park, but there is a separate off-leash area where your pooch can run free. Denver is a great city to get outside with your pet, especially if you can brave the cold in the winter, as your dog will love running around in the snow.

In the way of pet-friendly restaurants, The Watering Bowl is a great spot. There is a fenced in area for dogs connected to the restaurant, and they offer dog treats and cakes for your pet. They will even host dog birthday parties if your pet’s special day is coming up! Forest Room 5 is another great option that allows dogs on their patio. In the way of dog parks, take your dog to Lowry Dog Park, with lots of space to play and run.


Walking your dog in a strange city can be stressful, so check out our article highlighting 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Walk. We hope this list gave you some ideas for planning your next weekend getaway with your pet! Have you found any great cities to travel to with pets? We’d love to hear from you!

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