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Why My Pets Food May Appear Different Between Batches

January 12, 2017

Our pets are family and choosing their foods can be a very daunting task. Once we finally select a suitable brand that is working well, we feel as though a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Therefore when we begin to notice subtle differences in the appearance, smell and even shape and colour of their food, we become concerned.

Questions about the difference in appearance between batches of our products is one of the more frequently asked questions we receive at FirstMate Pet Foods. Our company uses natural ingredients without the addition of colour additives or binders. As a result, there may be variation in the appearance of our pate and kibble between batches. Some pet parents will contact us reporting that their pets are doing well on the product but wanted some assurance as to why our products may appear different than previous batches. We always enjoy connecting with our customers and encourage any questions.

The photo below compares two separate batches of our Pacific Ocean Fish Large Breed.  Different batches of the same species of fish were used which is the primary reason for the change in colour:

Pacific Ocean Fish Large Breed

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