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Make Homemade Dog Treats Using FirstMate Food

June 27, 2019

As any pet owner will tell you, dogs are naturally curious animals, willing to sniff at (or try to taste) just about anything. It’s also not a surprise to find your furry friend hovering around the dinner table while the humans eat, using their best puppy dog eyes to see if you’ll give them a small piece. While dogs can’t eat every variety of human food, you can create some unique homemade dog treats that will satisfy your pooch’s curiosity. FirstMate food lends itself to all sorts of creations that your furry friend will love. Check out some ideas below!

Sushi for Your Poochie

little river dog firstmate sushi landscape

Sushi is a take-out meal staple, and it’s already fairly dog-friendly with rice, vegetables, and fish. FirstMate ambassador Little River Dog (@littleriverdog) has the perfect recipe for sushi for your pooch!

  1. Hollow out the centre of a cucumber, leaving the rind intact.
  2. Fill the hollow cucumber with cooked rice, carrot curls, and your dog’s favourite variety of FirstMate canned food – fish is the obvious choice, but chicken and turkey are excellent options as well.
  3. Slice the cucumber and garnish with carrot sticks. You can sprinkle your dog’s favourite FirstMate kibble variety on top for an extra treat.

Your dog will love the opportunity to be part of take-out night! Little River Dog sure did – check out the video below!


Store-bought popsicles are a classic summer treat, but not one you can share with your pooch. Instead, make a homemade version! Freeze a can of FirstMate food to make a pup-sicle, or use a Lickimat to turn the treat into a game. Spread a can of food over the mat and freeze it. Your pooch will spend the dog days of summer squeezing every last morsel of food out of this frozen treat.

You can also stuff and freeze a Kong toy using FirstMate food with this recipe! There are so many options for frozen pup-sicles that your pooch will never get bored – at least not until you’ve run out of treats!

What is your FirstMate’s favourite homemade dog treat? Share it with us in the comments below! Don’t forget to share the recipe—we’d love to try it out on our own FirstMates. You might even be featured in a future recipe blogpost!

2 responses to “Make Homemade Dog Treats Using FirstMate Food”

  1. Sally says:

    Rice and arsenic – how do you guarantee that your rice in the dog foods does not contain arsenic?

    • FirstMate says:

      Hi Sally,

      Our rice is sourced from California where regulations are strict to help eliminate the risk of arsenic (which is more commonly found in rice grown on old tobacco fields). 

      Please do not hesitate to ask any additional questions.

      – FM

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