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How to Feed FirstMate & Kasiks Canned Diets

March 17, 2017

FirstMate & Kasiks dog and cat canned diets have a unique texture.  They are softer and juicier than a traditional pate.  They are described by users in many ways: “Collapsible Pate”, “wet pate”, and the crowd favorite, “silky pate”.  The reason our canned products are soft and tender is due to the complete lack of thickening agents such as: Carrageenan, Agar-Agar, Guar Gum, Xanthum Gum, Cassia Gum, Locust Bean Gum, etc.

FirstMate & Kasiks uses only Natural, Human Grade meats in our canned diets, with no artificial preservatives or coloring agents (and of course, no thickeners!).  Therefore, our products are prone to natural variation.  For example, if a salmon is pinker or juicier,  it will show up the same in the can.  A traditional pate has the same amount of moisture as our cans.  However, by not adding thickeners our moisture is usually found around the outside of the pate.  DON’T DISPOSE OF THIS LIQUID!  It contains healthy fats/oils, proteins and soluble vitamins from our ingredients.  Instead, we recommend mixing it with the pate in the can.  Once mixed, our products take on a mousse or applesauce texture.  If you prefer a gravy, simply add more moisture.  This soft, silky, applesaucy texture is great for older animals.  ALL our canned diets are complete and balanced and may be fed as a stand-alone diet.  Our products can also be used as a topper for kibble, encouragement for taking medication, and for maximum excitement, frozen in a chew toy!

In addition, the lack of thickeners doesn’t just create a unique texture, it also helps with digestion.  FirstMate canned diets can be great when a pet has an upset stomach or general touchy tummy.

We are proud to own and operate our human grade cannery in British Columbia, Canada and would love to hear about the unique way YOU use our cans.  Email us at or write to us on social media #FirstMateCans #KASIKSCans

PS: the video below shows how one of our staff prepares a can for their FirstMate!

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