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The Fairmont Vancouver & Chateau Whistler Pet Experience

February 19, 2018

If you and your dog are travelling to The Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver or Whistler, the Fairmont team has some special comforts for your companion.

After checking in, you will find that your room has been stocked with several amenities tailored specifically for your dog. Each pet guest receives a soft, spacious bed to ensure they get a restful night’s sleep, as well as food and water bowls that come packaged with samples of FirstMate and KASIKS food, to be given as either a treat or meal.

Should you find yourself at the Fairmont Georgia in downtown Vancouver, you just might be greeted by two of the hotel’s more unique employees; Ella and Elly, a pair of black and yellow Labradors. The duo is owned by a employee of the hotel, and quickly became employees of the Fairmont themselves, tasked with a very special job. Most days of the week the duo can be found roaming the hotel lobby, cheerfully greeting the guests that are arriving and checking in for the day.  Upon request, guests are also able to take the duo for a stroll around the city.  Having been raised on FirstMate products, guests have access to a jar filled with FirstMate treats that they are able to offer to the two dogs.

Ella and Elly are part of the Fairmont’s Pet Ambassadors program, which was initially started for travellers who might be missing their own pets or were looking for a little extra comfort while exploring a new city.

The FirstMate team would love to hear if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ella and Elly, or have stayed at a Fairmont hotel with a pet of your own! Make sure to tag us on Instagram using #FirstMateAdventures or send photos of your pet’s experience to our Facebook account.

Want to learn more about the Fairmont pet experience? Check out the video below, that offers a glimpse into what you and your pet can expect.

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