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Healthy and Harmful Holiday Items

December 14, 2017

Winter has arrived, and with it, a whole load of holiday parties, presents, and decorations. While most humans know better than to nibble at the new décor, our pets might not, so it’s important to keep them in mind when decorating your household. Here are a few tips to ensure your pets have a happy, healthy holiday season.

If you’ve noticed that your pet has ingested any of the harmful items above, do not hesitate to call your local veterinarian. In the meantime, if you’re searching for something safe and healthy for your pet to snack on this holiday season, be sure to check out FirstMate and Kasiks’ line-up of premium pet food. Our canned offerings make the perfect stocking stuffer for the cat or dog in your life; so if you’re still searching for a present to purchase, find out what sets our pet food above the rest.

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