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Feeding Orphaned Bear Cubs with FirstMate Pet Food!

November 14, 2017

The FirstMate team recently donated several bags of our pet food to a trio of orphan bear cubs that arrived at the Greater Vancouver Zoo at the beginning of September. The group arrived at the zoo, travelling all the way from Alaska, and have recently made their home in a new enclosure as part of the zoo’s North American Wilds section.

The family, all less than a year old, is made up of Basil and his two sisters Rosemary and Thyme. A healthy diet is extremely important to the development of a bear cub, so when we got the call from the zoo, asking if we were interested in donating several bags of our FirstMate Grain Friendly dog food to the three young bears, we were delighted to help.

As it turns out, the dietary requirements of a bear are similar to those of a dog, so the trio enjoyed our pet food just the same as any puppy.  Having assisted local shelters in the past, not only was this a unique opportunity, but a fantastic way to give back to the natural wonders of the West Coast. We’re so excited to see the three of them enjoying the taste of FirstMate!

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