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Founder Mike Florian provides the history and evolution of FirstMate Pet Foods, a Canadian family-owned pet food manufacturing company.




“To truly produce a superior product you must have complete control over the quality of your ingredients and manufacturing.”

– Mike Florian, Founder & President

FirstMate Dry Kibble Facility in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

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FirstMate Vacuum Infusion System

FirstMate Pet Foods has a unique way of delivering healthy fats and oils in every bite of your dog's dry diet!

FirstMate Diets All Provide a Low Glycemic Load

In this video, FirstMate explains why a diet that includes potato for your pet can be exactly what they need!

FirstMate Tour

A virtual tour of the FirstMate Pet Foods manufacturing facility. FirstMate prides itself on the quality, performance, and safety of its products. Owning and operating their facility provides FirstMate with full control over quality from beginning to end.

What Our Customers Say

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Hello, Luna and Finn have been eating FM for 2 years now. I rotate between the Ocean Fish and Lamb formulas to offer them the benefits of the different proteins. It took me months to find a food suitable for both of them, and thankfully, I came across this incredible brand! FirstMate keeps it simple! Anyone can easily read and understand their ingredient panel. High quality protein, all the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy and thrive. Plus, the fact that I have 2 big dogs and that I don’t have to feed them as much as compared to other brands, it is another aspect that differentiates FM from the rest. I wish more pet parents/owners, would know about this brand. Thank you FirstMate!

- Bruno M -

Finn & Luna

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Ella loves KASIKS turkey wet food! She is a 4 year old, Canadian, domestic calico female cat who was diagnosed with IBD a year ago; in addition, she tends to develop urinary struvite crystals. As per our vet, she is on prednisolone and hydrolyzed protein kibble (urinary formula). She stabilized so the vet said we could add wet food meat protein to her diet. All 'gums' are discouraged from cats with IBD. She loves her new gum free food; after each time she eats, she looks like she died and went to heaven. We are new to this brand and are ecstatic to safely add this food to supplement her restricted diet. Our other cat Gracie, 15 years old, super picky, loves it too! Excellent product and company - thanks so much.

- Nancy M -

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He absolutely loves the treats I love the simple ingredients wonderful product the place I was buying it from closed unfortunately and I want to continue to thank you for having a great product

- Elliot -

Bucky Wayne

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I've been feeding Aya two Canadian cat food brand on and off depending on availability of big bag of First Mate at my local store. To keep a long story short, I recently moved into an apartment and had opened bags from both brands at the same time. Tonight Aya asked me to follow her and to my surprise she walked past her bowl of food to the pantry and rubbed her face against the bag of First Mate Chicken and Blueberry formula. Ok I get it, silly human.

- Eddie Cheung -

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The journey began many years ago when our cat, Miles, began having chronic diarrhea and licking fur off in various spots causing himself to bleed because he was so itchy. Veterinarians suggested different prescription diets, most of which did not help or fixed one problem but not the other, not to mention extremely expensive. I also felt like Miles was constantly hungry on these types of foods. He was a very uncomfortable kitty, and I was at a loss of how to help him.

After a lot of trial and error, I pinpointed his allergies to poultry and pea protein. The poultry allergy is severe. I looked extensively on the internet for something that would work. I stumbled on your brand and figured I had nothing to lose for my poor guy. Here we are 4 or 5 months later and he is happy and healthy!!! No diarrhea or itching, and the fur has grown back. He is back to his healthy weight and purrs so much more. My cat is a cat again!

Knowing that the cat licks the dog bowls if I forget to pick them up immediately, I knew I needed to switch my dogs over to a poultry/pea protein-free diet. Although my 10 year-old Italian Greyhound does not have any food aversions, I got her the Pacific Ocean Fish Senior to avoid poultry. My 15 month-old French Bulldog has had several ear infections since she was a puppy, and she was very gassy on a poultry diet, so I switched her over to Pacific Ocean Fish Small Bites. NO more gas, no ear infections or dirty ears, and both dogs have beautiful, soft, shiny coats. They also have very healthy stools.

Every animal in my house is finally happy and healthy. The food is extremely high quality. We are never switching to another brand! We are a First Mate pet family!!! I’m looking forward to having the animals try some of your canned food at some point. Thank you, First Mate, for providing the BEST nutrition for cats and dogs. I can not say enough about how wonderful your products are, and have suggested them to different French Bulldog fb groups, as it seems to be a very food-sensitive breed. For the best nutrition, digestion, and overall health of your pets, First Mate is the #1 choice in my humble opinion.

- Jennifer Wawszkiewicz -

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How did your pet like it?
I purchased two cans (one cage free chicken formula and one turkey formula) on 10/26 at a local Mudbay retailer. We introduced him to the chicken formula at dinner with his dry food (his dry food a certain brand we always use, and we use different wet food brands/ types) sadly Jamie did not take to the chicken formula and did not eat it (we put it out for him twice and both times after investigating he avoided the wet food and his bowl entirely) I did notice when I opened that can that the pate was separated and broken, with a lot of liquid in the can-not sure if this is normal for this type of pate? Overall not the best food experience for us.

- Ana C. Mota -

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I just wanted to write to let you know how happy we are with your dog food. Our dog had developed allergies to the food that we had her on for a couple of years. She was vomiting multiple times a day, refusing all food, losing weight and lethargic. Our vet wasn't sure what to do. We had tried a couple other brands and she wouldnt go near them. Then someone at our local global pet foods suggested first mate. She sniffed it and immediately started gobbling it down. I was so so so relieved. She has put back on the 8 lbs that she lost (shes a 100lb gsd) and has her energy back. Her vomiting has completely stopped and she gets excited when she hears her bowl being filled, something I don't think I have ever seen in her. We are so happy to have found first mate.

Thanks for making a great product for our fur baby.

- Dawn -

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Luckily, I found Britton Feed & Seed who I have been purchasing my dog food from for years. In the past, I have been on other dog foods that my dogs have had issues with. The staff at this store directed me to your dog food. All 4 of my dogs have been eating your Chicken Meal and Oats formula for years. Their coats are shiny and luxurious, their eyes are bright and all very healthy.

Your dog food has been a staple in my house for years and will continue to be so for as long as you continue to make this wonderful food. It is a pleasure to tell you thank you for what you do. It makes a HUGE difference for my pack.

Lilly – 14 Year Young German Shepherd Dog River – 7 Year Catahoula Leopard Dog mixed with Awesome Bella – 2 Year Spotless Catahoula Leopard Dog Titan – 5 Month Red Heeler mixed with Catahoula Leopard Dog
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My skinny rescue cat would only eat garbage food until I found your product. Not only does she love it, she licks the plate clean! I'm super happy it's a Canadian product as well.
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For most of his adult life, Carlyle had suffered from various medical ailments including Inflammatory Bowel Disease and pancreatitis which contributed to a very low quality of life. He would struggle with nausea, vomiting and other GI issues. He would often have bouts of vomiting so severe that he would need to be rushed to the vet for subQ or IV fluids due to dehydration. Over the years I have tried many so-called "high quality" pet foods, including prescription diets. Additionally, he was prescribed numerous medications to address the symptoms, but nothing seemed to provide any long-term relief. I was so distraught by what the vets were telling me about his medical condition and his overall prognosis. I've been in tears on many occasions, so worried about my boy's medical issues and not being able to do something to make him feel better.

That all changed in 2017 when I was introduced to FirstMate at a pet store in the Bay Area. I was a bit skeptical at first, but did my research and was very impressed as I learned more about your company, your values, and how you make your pet food. Finally! A company that really cared about providing the best nutrition for our furry companions.

The difference in Carlyle since switching to FirstMate is astonishing. He (we) have literally gotten our lives back! His overall health has improved immensely. He's a totally different cat. He's playful again, his eyes are brighter, his fur is shinier, he's gained weight, and many other positives that I didn't believe were possible. As I write this he is contentedly snuggled against me on the couch. Oh...and he purrs and trills all the time now!

I'm attaching one of his favorite photos so you can see what a beautiful boy he is!

Thanks again for all that you do for our pets. It is greatly appreciated!
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Tom Bond and Sam love your food. Sam will only eat your Cage Free Turkey Formula. Both rescues with a taste for quality food.
Tom loves the box it comes in too.
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Stanzie enjoys the First Mate cage free chicken limited ingredient wet food more than any other cat food. She also really likes the box that the food came in. Thank you for making limited ingredient cat food.
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My cats love this dry and wet food they gobble it up. I am so pleased to see a Canadian company succeeding in this product. I volunteer at the rescue with cats and have recommended this product to other cat owners.

- Georgia M -

Yuma and Billy

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Murdock is my competition sport dog, as well as an active companion and some occasional showing. With all the conflicting research and stances on pet food over the past few years I was extremely stressed trying to find a food that was healthy, Canadian, and included grain still. About a year ago I started feeding FirstMate Fish & Oats. I’m so glad I did and haven’t turned back since.

Murdock LOVES the food and I can feel happy and comfortable feeding it to him. His fur is always soft and shiny and he never gets that “doggy smell” to him. We get complimented on his coat and fitness/weight all the time and I’m always proud to say that he (and my pet dog and working detection dog now too!) is powered by FirstMate!

From nosework, Lure Coursing, Dock diving, obedience, and shows to doing tricks to hiking and swimming and exploring Beautiful British Columbia, FirstMate has always given Murdock the nutrition and energy he needs to be with me every step of the way!

- Paige G. -

Wild Pacific Caught Fish & Oats

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Ramona has been on FirstMate since I've had her at 6 months. She is now 9 years old and as healthy as can be. I contribute a lot of that to her consistent diet of FirstMate, and will definitely be continuing with the same food.

- Alexander B -

Pacific Ocean Fish Large Breed Formula - Ramona

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He loves it! A kind woman at Wish Bone recommended this food because he had been sick . We visited the vet twice and had blood work and x-rays completed. We could not find the cause. Baxter has been on this food for 2 weeks twice a day and licks his bowl clean!

- Brenda B -

Baxter Loves FirstMate

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They love it and their coats, weights and health are on point! Excellent dog food for my northern breed dogs. I have been using FirstMate for over 20 years!

- Theresa K -

Wild Pacific Caught Fish & Oats Formula

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They love your food. We changed them from Purina about 6 months ago. Chewy lost extra weight, is happier and more playful. Louie loves the food, too. Thanks for putting out a great product for our boys.

- James S -

Chewy & Louie

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My pug is so utterly in love with your food that I felt it a crime not to act as an ambassador on his behalf and let you know! I've never seen anything like it! Keep up the incredible work and kudos for all the passion you put in your product!

- Sandra & Marsha -


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My husky Koda was always a picky eater, and when I first got him at 2 months old it made my life very hard.. after hundreds of dollars spent on food alone I finally thought I found something that he liked until it made him sick because of a major ingredients change... I was worried that I would be stuck in the same boat I was when he was much younger not being able to find him something he would love. he refused to eat for days until I was recommended KASIKS Wild Pacific fish meal. Seeing him eat again for the first time in a week was huge weight lifted from my shoulder. it's been a few months now and he's going strong, a lot of weird problems I noticed with his old food are no longer there and when I called customer support to ask a question about buying the food when I'm on vacation with my husky I was greeted right away by a human and quickly given information. This company is everything a dog food manufacturing company should be! I'm proud to be a customer and I'm happy my dog is a whole lot healthier. Thank you first mate for a great product you have a customer for life!
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My 7 year old Sheltie (Bentley) with hip dysplasia was poisoned in August and subsequently developed an allergy to chicken. Finding food he could tolerate was an exasperating experience. He could not tolerate several foods suggested by our vet.

Watching Bentley suffer and waste away was breaking our hearts. After several dead ends seeking food he could tolerate, we heard about First Mate from our local Global Pet Foods store and contacted them.

Tyler at First Mate suggested First Mate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal. Our beloved dog loves it and, more importantly, is thriving on it. Bentley is so much better and every day we see an improvement in him.

Thank you First Mate and Tyler for helping us find food for our dear Bentley.

- Linda C -

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I’ve been looking for the best dog food I can give my girl! After doing some research found yours and switched my Maya to yours over Orijen which I was feeding before and haven’t looked back since. She loves your food and thrives. I can already see the difference in her fur and her well-being. She is doing amazing on it thank you for the dedication you guys put in it we both love your product! And to top it off it’s European Certified which is stricter and more hands on.

- Leopoldo C -

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We can’t get the food down on the floor fast enough and it’s gone. This is the pickiest eater on the planet. We are thrilled that you have these wonderful products!

- Susan S -

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Mickey (black and white) will be 15 on September 3, 2018 and Chandler (ginger/peach) will be 2 on February 28, 2019. Mickey has hyperthyroidism and is a very picky eater and it's hard to find a food he enjoys AND didn't get bored of. Chandler is pretty easy going in the food department and generally hasn't met a meal he didn't enjoy... However, with their last wet food, BOTH of them left food in the bowl which went to waste. I spoke to the people at Global Pet Foods and they recommended FirstMate, I bought a few cans to try and Mickey and Chandler love it!!! They gobbled it all up with no leftovers in the bowl...Mickey was equally excited to eat FirstMate the second time around. It's nice to see them excited about food. I can't seem to get it into the bowl fast enough, they both cry while waiting for me to feed them...I love that. After a couple of days, Mickey already has more pep in his step. I also love that the food is healthy and made in Canada.
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Our tabby cat Sammy turns 20 on Sept. 3, 2018. She is an indoor/outdoor cat who has lived on FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal for the past 12 years since her owners went into a care home. Although Sammy has lost weight as a senior she still jumps, climbs, and can see and hear fine. Good food good life for Sammy!
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Peanit loves it! and she gets bored of stuff fast. She is a 8lb Yorkie who recently turned 7. By the age of 6 we noticed she was having lots of reactions to food, we tried many out, did vet diets, elimination diets, etc. It was tiring for us, but must have been frustrating for Peanit. I decided to try her on the FirstMate Salmon Wet Food. Not only did she love it, but by day three we noticed results, as in her rashes not being so red, her ears were not super red anymore, no runny eyes, and eventually her ear infections slowly disappeared. She was doing so well for two months that we decided to take her off her allergy medication from the vet.

Here she is after about three months of eating it and she is doing fabulous! No breakouts, no red ears, no runny eyes and no more ear infections.

I work at a pet food store, and I have told other customers about this, and last week had someone come back for more! I 110% am in love with this food and recommend to everyone, not just those who's pets are struggling with allergies.

P.S my malamute wolf also loves this, its not fair for Peanit to get it and for Mama not to.
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My pup has had renal issues since 7 months old. It’s been breaking me in half . The docs gave him months to live. I tried prescription food but he would not eat it. I then began an extensive research looking for high-quality food with Low Phosphorous. Well, FirstMate's Pacific Ocean Fish Original has the lowest on the commercial market that I could find.

Phoenix is now 28 months old (2 yrs 4 months). I pray for 10-15 years with him and doing all I can. He has undergone stem cell therapy in NYC at AMC hospital. He see’s Dr. Jiu Jia Wen (Eastern/Western Vet) in South Hampton NY. He is known as the miracle vet online and in the area. Phoenix is the most well-known lab on

When he introduced himself to me, he changed my life. My job has me under some tough situations where I must engage violent scenarios. I even faced an active shooter and a stabbing event while on duty.

Phoenix allowed me to see there is more to life than work and no matter what there is always room for play.

I wanted to share this story with you because your product is a big part of maintaining Phoenix’s health.

I thank you for creating a product that is supportive to all dogs health

- Craig T -

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Ranger hasn't eaten all his food in months, he would pick at it then leave it and his poops weren't great. After switching to this (faster than I should have but he wouldn't eat any of the old kibble left in the bowl) he is now after 2 days having great poops, no gas and is eating all his food without leaving the bowl! I am very happy with this product and have already recommended it to friends dealing with similar problems

- Sarah C -

KASIKS Free Range Lamb Meal Formula - Ranger

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I am in shock! I have been feeding my puppy the same "what I thought was top shelf" dog food for almost the past year. He has never been food driven and have always had to add extra stuff to get him to eat it. I decided to switch foods to FirstMate due to the high quality of protein and the first 5 ingredients. Dolce immediately ate every bit of his food the minute I put it down and seems to love it! So far I have had no digestive issues and I am just thrilled that he loves it!
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When we got our first dog 10 years ago I did a bunch of research choosing the food. I chose FirstMate for a variety reasons... 10 years later we add to the pack with a puppy and my partner decides to change food to what the puppy trainer uses (Acana).

About three months later I am left wondering why my Springers beautifully rich liver coloured coat is fading and he always looks tired. I started thinking this puppy has not only aged us but him too... and then the lightbulb went on.

I am happy to say Coops is back on FirstMate and already his coat and energy levels are improving!!! And of course Fil the puppy is on FM for pups now too. Seriously impressed and grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I just re read this and it totally sounds cheesy but it's all true.

- Tish P. -

Cooper & Fil

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I wanted to let you know how well our dogs are doing on your canned foods. I originally purchased some cans to hide my beagles phenobarbital pill in. He has been diagnosed with epilepsy and has been on phenol since he was 2 (he is 14 now). I am so glad I found out about your canned diets. It makes me feel good giving them this knowing it contains no gums or fillers! Now I add your canned food to both of my dogs food! Thank you for such a great product... it's the only canned food I will ever feed!

- Glenda G. -

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Ziggy loves his food along with his siblings. Ziggy used to have seizures, about one a month it was heartbreaking and hard to see him go through, he's a now 5.5 lb chihuahua min pin. Unfortunately he wasn't on the greatest dog food for most of his life weighing in at only 4 lbs, he would get allergy attacks and sicknesses a lot and it was terrible for him.

Up until 3 years ago when I switched him to FirstMate Chicken and Blueberries Small Bites. His seizures, allergies and sicknesses have all stopped and were both so happy! We would like to thank you for supplying such a good food for him!

- Crystal Mernickle -

Chicken With Blueberries

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Ray is 5 years old now and he has only ever been on grade A dog food. (Halo, Welness, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance) But he always ended up getting stomach issues and would just stop eating the food. It got so bad last month I had to take him to the ER because he was just so uncomfortable and throwing up constantly. He doesn't eat clothes or dog toys. Just very sensitive to food and treats. I went to the local pet store here in Wilsonville to ask for her recommendation. She turned me on to you guys, and OMG what a difference. Even when my dog was sick he would be happy and affectionate but now! WOAH he cannot wait to eat his food. he hasn't been sick at all. and even when he would usually get sick and throw up (from me coming home he gets way to excited and starts coughing and sometimes throws up.) he held it back because I think he likes your food so much lol. Him being this happy makes me very happy and I just wanted to say thank you for making this food! Happy I have so much confidence that this is the food he wants and will be healthy with!

Anna Velarde

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Our 7 fur babies love this dog food. We have 7 dogs (2 are rescues) and we go through at least 2 of the 25lbs bags every 1-2 weeks. I love the fact that there are no fillers and is grain free. I drive a bit farther to the pet store that carries your product although I have multiple pet stores near my house. It is worth the drive. Thank you for making such a great product!
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Buddy loves his KASIKS Wild Pacific Ocean Fish Meal dry food matched with FirstMate Limited Ingredient wet food! As soon as it goes in his bowl, morning and night within 5 minutes the bowl is licked clean! Highly recommend this food for a good, trustworthy, delicious food for your furry friends! Buddy needs a strict diet due to his allergies and KASIKS / FirstMate are the only brand I'll trust or recommend.

- Brendan M -

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Teauila has been eating your food since she was a puppy. I got her at 8 weeks old and she was puking and had hot spots for the first week I had her vets told me it was a allergy and first thing to cut out would be grain so i found FirstMate and she has been so happy ever since ....not to mention so have I!! If she is happy I am happy lol. I switched between the Ocean Fish, Australian Lamb, and Chicken With Blueberries to keep her interested she is almost 4 and still eating nothing but FirstMate! We wanted to say thank you because she is so healthy and keeps a good weight also we are happy sticking with ur food as long as she keeps eating it lol
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This is Thor! He is a 2 year old, 105 pounds, Maremanno Sheep Dog. Unfortunately, he’s had trouble digesting a lot of food. He was always constipated or had the runs. He refused to eat a lot of high end dog foods, unless of course I put some treats on it. He tried about 5 different kinds of foods, and all of them needed a little something extra in order for him to eat it. THEN I thought in a last ditch effort, Ill try one more new food – FirstMate Pacific Fish Large Breed… And WHAT a difference. He LOVES it. I don’t even have to put treats on it, and his digestion and stools have improved about 75%. I will never try another food again!

- Samantha & Thor -

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I would like to inform you how much my dog Jake loves your food. Every time we go into the food cupboard he sits there and looks. We switched him over to FirstMate Chicken With Blueberries, he loves it so much. He used to be on pedigree. He has been more active now and full of energy!

- Justin R & Jake -

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One of my dogs was sick last year and the vet suspected that he had food allergies. I tried the expensive food from the vet and it reduced my dog’s allergy symptoms, but, he hated it. My dog would hardly eat the vet food, so he was losing too much weight, too quickly. In desperation, asked my local pet food store (Bosley’s) what they’d recommend for an older dog with suspected food allergies and they told me about your food. In the 7 months that we’ve been using your food, it has done wonders for my dog. His allergy symptoms are gone and he enjoys eating, again. He’s at a good weight. His coat looks fantastic, with a nice shine to it that he never had before, even when he was younger. He’s on the Pacific Ocean Fish Senior/Weight Control food because he was over weight in the past. I’ve put both of my dogs on the same food and the younger one, without health problems, loves it too. It’s helped to keep her at an ideal weight, when she was getting a little chubby before.

I like how you use local ingredients. It is very important to me to know what’s in my dog’s food. I will only buy food made and sourced in Canada ever since the tainted pet food mess from China happened a few years back.

I sure appreciate finding such a good food for my dogs, so I thought I’d tell you.

- Cleo & Dog Rio -

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Dr. Susan Hetherington, DVM – Creature Comforts Veterinary Home Services LTD.

I have seen many pets benefit from changing to FirstMate Pet Foods, in terms of their coat, urine pH, digestion, stool, and in some cases of suspected allergies. I am pleased to have found a dry food that is made locally in B.C. and does not use synthetic preservatives, sulfates, fillers, beef, wheat and corn. This food is highly palatable for most pets, likely due to its freshness and high standard of ingredients and production.
Dr. Susan Hetherington, DVM

- Creature Comforts Veterinary Home Services LTD. -

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We have a bugg (boston terrier/pugxx) and he’s had nothing but problems since he was a baby. He had a small stroke, eyes don’t close properly, and he had a blockage before he was 1. He has chronic diarrhea. We had to keep him on metronidazole until we found your dog food.

THANK YOU for making a dog food with the right nutritional ingredients and higher fibre for sensitive guys like ours. He is alive, happy, healthy, and fit because of your awesome food. I can’t say enough good things about it.

- Alanna C. -

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I just wanted to tell you how much our dog enjoys your dry dog food! We tried so many different kinds before we found FirstMate. Our dog is sensitive, her stomach cant handle any other food.  The only dog food that she can eat is yours.

- Leeann B – Ontario, Canada -

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My Cornish Rex had slowed down on his intake of food, to the point that he lost a lot of weight. We spent over $1000.00 at the vets to be told that he is "healthy", just old and slowing down (Earl is 15 Oct 22) He became VERY picky on what he would eat, UNTIL I started giving him your food. He is starting to gain weight. He has doubled what he eats BECAUSE of your GREAT QUALITY food.
Thank You

- Sarah Mean -

Chloe LaVelle

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My girl loves her FirstMate food. She tries to open the container so she can have extras. Today she licked out the empty bag with us supervising of course!

- Stacy H -


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Muchacha needs your food! She can't tolerate grains, chicken, or peas. It took us years of trying different foods to find something she could eat! I'm so glad you made your food so healthy and delicious. I work at a pet food store and this is the only cat kibble we sell without one of her allergens in it. Luckily my other cat also enjoys it! I hope you never change it!

- Jessica S -

Smidge & Kanga

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A bunch of companies sent me samples of cat food due to my cats health issues and my requests. Smidge is SUPER picky. I have been having her taste test samples while I watch and write down her initial reactions and usually she sniffs the food, walks away and comes back later to nibble on it or she doesn't touch it AT ALL! I put your Chicken With Blueberries Formula down and she DEMOLISHED IT!! Her and my other cat kanga both downed all the samples so quickly. I have never seen my cats take to any food that quickly and i know they have been wanting more so i am putting in my first order now! thank you :)

- Ruby D -

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I have 2 cats one with a very sensitive stomach and I tried every food since he was a kitten all the expensive stuff and big brands Royal Canine, Orijen etc he had very runny stools both cats had terrible gas and the one was losing so much weight I found a brand that worked it was great my cats were both healthy normal stools no gas the one had gained his weight back and they had silky shiny fur. But I couldn't get anymore of that brand it was a trial at my pet store and I was the only one who bought it so I looked at every food in there and this one sounded almost the same as the one i couldn't get anymore and grain free so I grabbed a bag and tried it out, it's great my cats are still healthy with no issues and they like the food. So this is what I will be sticking with forever its so affordable I'm used to spending $200 a month on cat food and that was the stuff that wasn't good for them. This is very healthy not, full of garbage my cat with a very sensitive stomach can eat it and not have a single issue he gets sick from anything else besides this and a brand I can't get anymore so I'm very happy I tried this, it's the best!
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Midna is absolutely thriving on this food! She used to have really bad skin issues and I felt like I could NEVER find something that would help. But I started working at a premium pet food place and my boss recommended FirstMate. She wont eat anything wet and as any cat owners know, cats are finicky! So she loved the kibbles and she's been on the fish one for about 11 months now (allergic to chicken) and her coat is super shiny, she's a tuxedo so you can really tell. Thank you for keeping your food as good as it is! I recommend your food to almost everyone who comes into the store!

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