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Founder Mike Florian provides the history and evolution of FirstMate Pet Foods, a Canadian family-owned pet food manufacturing company.

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FirstMate and KASIKS Pet Foods is made available through leading Pet Speciality retailers across Canada, the United States, Europe and parts of Asia.

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We know that to truly produce a superior product you must have control over the quality of your ingredients and manufacturing.

- Mike Florian -

Founder & President

Molly knows that age is just a number, and with FirstMate Senior/Weight Control Formula, she's thriving in her golden years with a wagging tail and good health. 🐾⁠ ⁠
Low in fat and packed with wholesome, digestible grains, it's a great choice for dogs with special needs. Plus, it's grain-friendly and features Wild Caught Herring, Anchovy, and Sardines as a healthy source of protein.⁠
When you hear the treat bag rustle, and suddenly you're faster than the speed of light! 🐕💨⁠
A FirstMate buffet 🐶

Happy Smiles after tasty treats 💛
Pro-tip from @wyldsleddogs: use FirstMate treats as motivation for grooming those beautiful coats that come in beautifully with our SKOKI formula. ⁠
Happy to hear Riley is showing improvements with itchy skin and stomach issues!⁠ Our Limited Ingredient Formulas often address common food sensitivities, leaving you with a healthier and happier pup. ⁠⁠
Find someone to look at you the way Cuba looks at our treats 😍
Lost in the serene embrace of morning mist 🌫️🐶 ⁠

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