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Classic Formula – Super Premium Cat Food

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  • 84 %
    Chicken & Wild Herring, Anchovies & Sardines
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FirstMate’s Classic Cat diet has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of both growing Kittens and Adult cats alike. Combining two very nutritional and easily digestible proteins, fish and chicken, FirstMate has provided a formula cats crave. It is specifically formulated to be low in ash and magnesium, two contributing factors to urinary tract infections, and the high levels of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids provide a soft and shiny coat for your cat. All FirstMate formulations are manufactured at our plant located in Chilliwack B.C. Canada with care.

  • Family Owned & Operated

  • Free Run Chicken

  • Wild Caught Herring, Anchovies & Sardines

  • Complete production control

  • No Corn, Wheat or Soy


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